“Your Activation has expired”

What does this mean?  It basically means that your membership date in your Agrimaster application on your computer has expired.

This can be due of several reasons –

a)    Membership fees have not been paid   OR

 b)    Membership fees have been paid but you have not reactivated the software license

to update the membership expiry date on your computer.   

Process – after you have paid your membership our client database is updated with the new expiry date. 

Then you will need to reactivate your Agrimaster so that new expiry date is read down from our online services to your computer. 

To do this action:

Go to the homepage of Agrimaster, click on Setup & Tools, Registration and Reactivate software license.    

Note: If you believe you have paid your membership fees and reactivation does not resolve your issue or you have other questions, please contact support line on 1300 786 516.

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    Ivan Routley

    This is a very annoying " feature" and needs to changed to be more user friendly. Perticulaly when you get the code and it dosent work. Why carnt the code be sent out by e-mail or post  Our work computer is not connected to the internet so it dosent work.


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