Whats New in version 6.2 ?

What's new in Version 6.2

Auto Update 

The new Auto Update feature ensures you have the latest version of Agrimaster. Each time you use your Agrimaster program it will perform an online check to ensure you are running the latest version of Agrimaster. If the online check finds you are not on the current version you will be prompted to download the latest version. Most updates are to fix issues in the program, ensure the program is tax and legislation compliant or the updates are due to
technical advances from external contributors e.g. Microsoft, Adobe etc. Auto Update will remind you to update to the latest version until you download the latest update. Occasionally there will be optional updates; you will be advised on what’s new in the program and given the option to download now or at a later time. We recommend that you use Auto Update—but if you choose not to, be sure to check for updates at least once a week.

Stock Control

There are now two new reports in the Stock Control section:

  1. Stock Reconciliation Report - for the end of financial year thisreport provides the data you have collected in the Stock Controlfunction - a comprehensive report that replaces the ‘Quick Stock Reconciliation Report ’.
  2. Stock Transfer Report - provides a listing of all groups and all the commodities for each group and shows all activity; showing the opening balance,  ll deaths, births, transfers, sales and purchases and a closing balance.

Asset Register

The Asset Register feature has been redesigned
and is now much easier to use.

There are a couple of new features:

  1.  Ability to sort and report the assets you have entered.
  2. • Add locations, categories, sub classes etc; these can all be sorted and reported by these new fields.


There have been a number of defect fixes in Agrimaster
Version 6.2

  1. Full Budgets: the notes printing function has been fixed.
  2. Quick Budgets: Worksheet printing no longer produces a blank page before printing the details and the ‘Total’ in worksheets have now been corrected.
  3. Grain Income Calculator: data from Emerald Grain can now be imported into the Grain Income Calculator from a CSV file.
  4. Cashbook: there was an ‘overtype’ in the EFT Acc pay/cheques near the GST/Amount section which has now been removed.
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