Whats New in 6.3

What’s new in this version of Agrimaster:

Enhanced Invoicing

  • We have added a facility to allow for a default number of days of pay to 0 - previously the lowest default days  available was 7.

Asset Register

  • The Asset Register data screen has been updated to allow easier data entry for multiple assets and to fluidly move between tabs.
  • We have updated the Asset Register to be able to sort data by date and export this data to Excel.
  • Some improvements have been made to the usability of the Asset Register and a new feature has been added for notes in the Asset Register and the ability to export the information to Excel.


  • The ‘Cash Flow Forecast’ report button to no longer goes to the Creditor Debtor Report - should you require the Creditor Debtor Report you can now find it under Accounting Reports.
  • In the Stacked Report we have made the ‘Item’ option from the Enhanced Invoicing section reportable.

File Safety

  • To ensure Data security and prevent data loss it is no longer possible to open an Agrimaster database by double clicking on your Agrimaster file unless you are in the correct folder.


What’s been fixed in this new version of Agrimaster:

Enhanced Invoicing

  • Fixed a bug in Enhanced Invoicing when setting up for the first time - the first item or group would produce and error.
  • In the Enhanced Invoicing section we have added an option to ‘override the default Terms of Trade.
  • Some changes have been made to the ‘Shorten File’ procedure to correctly remove old paid Enhanced Invoices when shortening.
  • The bug in ‘Enhanced Invoicing’ when receiving an overpayment and using the overpayment on subsequent invoices for the same customer has been fixed. 
  • Some of the wording on the ‘Data Entry Screen’ for new items in the Enhanced Invoicing section has been updated.


  • Cosmetic changes have been made to m:drive to fully display the Wagemaster icon.
  • Now you can back up Wage Easy files with long names onto m:drive – the issue was the length of the file name.


  • The ‘Fuel Tax Rebate Adjustment’ screen to fully display the ‘Yes, No and Cancel’ buttons had a bug and has now been fixed.
  • The issue with reopening previous Fuel Tax Periods has been fixed.
  • If no data is to be reported in the monthly report for a particular month it will now have a blank line and the 31/12/1899 date is no longer printed. Replaced the level labels in Stacked Reports - these went missing after the upgrade to Version 6.
  • The bug in the Cash Trail report where the previous year’s figures would not sort correctly if the ‘Transactions only’ option was selected has been fixed.
  • The Find and Edit printout is now available in portrait -previously this was only available in landscape format.
  • Fixed a bug in the P&L Report where previous year’s figures would not display correctly.

Full Budgets

  • In the Full Budget worksheets we have made adjustments to the file name saving of worksheets to allow only one ‘&’ in the name - e.g.  A&L
  • We have made changes to Full Budget data source window to show if there are any data entry changes made to data that was imported from the cashbook.


  • When receiving payments for RCTIS you can now send the RCTIS to cashbook and add a cheque number. 
  • The bug when editing transactions where the maximum number of splits has been used has been fixed.
  • The ‘Import AWB Invoice Summary’ screen has been updated with the Agrimaster icon to Version 6.
  • The description field size in Agrimaster has been expanded to allow for importing of Wagemaster/WageEasy allowance names that exceed 40 characters.
  • Printing facilities have been added to ‘Agrimaster Contact Centre and in Find and Edit’.
  • Cosmetic changes have been made to the screen for ‘Import Invoices’ window.
  • The issue where users were not directed to the current bank web page when trying to access banks from the reconciliation page has now been fixed.
  • The display problems relating to some screens overlapping making it hard to hard to work out which black cross/green tick to use has been resolved.
  • The bug in the Export to/Import from Agrimaster file function when transactions that had been overridden to GST exclusive lost the GST exclusive status after importation has been fixed.
  • Some spelling mistakes have been corrected in the Fuel Tax Rebate section of the program and in the Instalment Tax Setup section.




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