What’s new in Agrimaster 6.3.41

Introducing REEP

The most exciting change in Agrimaster version 6.3.41 is the new REEP buttons. 

Once you update to V6.3.41 you will be able to access REEP from your Agrimaster programme home page (as long as you are connected to the internet). 

REEP - Beta is a brand new online budgeting programme.

Get started today....

All Agrimaster users can login and start budgeting today using their own data or using some sample data.

Start your REEP journey today...

Some other updates in Agrimaster version 6.3.41

Enhanced invoicing: Updated to resolve the split lines in the invoicing that was causing unusual errors. The number of splits in Enhanced invoicing is now controlled by the number of splits in Transactions Options.

Find and Edit: Resolved an error that occurred when using Find and Edit on files with a long data history.

Check Monthly Reconciliation:
Title of report updated.

Fuel Tax Rebate Report: Updated the format of this report.

Full Budgets: Updated HP worksheets: removed the automatic calculation on the closing balances.

Estimated Tax Liability Button
now works correctly.

Fuel Tax: The Rates from 1 Feb 2015 are now correct.

Terms & Conditions have been updated in the programme.

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