Agrimaster Roadmap Update Webinar 07.06 #Payroll


Q: Will there be a specific trainng webinar for the new Wage Easy or do we self train from the information on the Agrimaster Help?

A: Wage Easy is not new. You can access all Wagemaster related articles here 

Q: Will there be videos about STP lodgements on website? Setting up categories and lodging through to the ATO?

A: There's not a webinar available but an article. You can access the article "Set Up Single Touch Payroll Reporting" here. 

Q: Can you cancel the Agrimaster Plus subscription and return to a normal subscription?

A: Yes, you can. However the customer's Wagemaster will be read only.
If the user plans an upgrade at a later date, upgrade and admin fees per company apply to re-activate the Wagemaster licence. In all cases the user will require a new registration.


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