Agrimaster Roadmap Update Webinar 07.06 #Cloud



Q: Are we heading down the complete Cloud path where your competitors already live?

A: Yes, this would be a phased approach. We are now implementing a better file management process that is online and provides single view of all files status, access permissions (only for clients) and ease of sharing. This is the first step that will encourage our users to store and access data. This is fundamental to move towards online.

We are are looking to progress online incrementally with the quality and capacity of the clients internet access.The first step is providing online access to Agrimaster data to achieve a single source of truth and better data analysis for farm business decisions. A this point we have decided that the desktop environment is still the best place for quick data cashbook and budgeting data entry.

Q: When will the file manager be live?

A: We have just finalised the design/prototype by liaising with some of our professional partners within the Inner Circle. Currently File Manager is in development. We are working hard to deliver the first version as quickly as possible. We are aiming to release the first version in the next couple of months.




Q: Does a client make their file available to an individual or a firm?  

A client shares using the Agrimaster user number. The firm will need to decide if this user number is made available to an individual or the whole firm.

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